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IT Managed Services: Chaos to Order with Pulse


The Market Outlook for IT Managed Services Companies

IT Managed Services are widely perceived as a commodity, with affordability being the primary consideration. Delivering affordable services while the customers’ technology requirements are expanding is not easy.

Excellence in customer service is key to this, and meeting the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is only the start. They need to blend cloud and on-premises elements while managing the whole of the IT infrastructure lifecycle for their customers.

Smaller providers sometimes have the advantage here, as they can deliver a level of customer intimacy to smaller companies that larger companies find difficult to manage.


Delivering IT Managed Services is a Complex Business

Starting with the customer, there are help desk services, service requests, SLAs and incidents, along with projects and advisory services. Then there is supply chain management, provisioning and hosting to delivery on end-to-end services.

Winning new customers while developing your existing ones depends on excellent Account Management, Sales Pipeline Management and marketing your brand values.

Excellent Processes Systems are Key

Delivering on these demands consistently requires efficient business processes and systems. When things go wrong, customers get upset, you could have the wrong resources, or your suppliers could let you down. Billing errors or delays can seriously harm cash flow.

Systems need to be seamless, so as to avoid process disconnects, and must be utterly reliable.

But big business software systems that cover all areas of business come at a high price. The alternative of getting function- specific systems, and then integrating them, can also be expensive and demand additional skills.

So where can an IT Managed Services provider get an affordable business software system to cover all core business functions?


Business Software for IT Managed Services Companies from Pulse

Pulse is totally focussed on business software for smaller IT Services companies. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions that cover all your main business processes. This gives you a competitive edge, but at a price point that keeps costs tight in this competitive market.

Our fully integrated modules include Service, Projects, Provisioning, Supply Chain, Sales, Finance and Business Intelligence.

For example, y our customers are the focus of the Service Module, which includes Service Requests, Workflow, Self-service portal, and Mobile work force management.

We bring order to what can often be a chaos of disconnected processes and islands of automation.

You can start at any point in the business process lifecycle, and integrate existing systems. Your business priorities guide when and how you deploy each Pulse module.


Commercial Options to Suit your Budget

Pulse is designed to give market leading price/performance for SME IT Service Companies. You will find that the cost of our systems is a fraction of the price of big-brand software systems which focus on larger companies.

You have the choice of on- premises or cloud deployment, and various financing options are available.


Some Companies who have Gained Advantage through Using Pulse

Snap-On Business Solutions, Ster-Kinekor, ITEC, TFM Networks, Net Vision, Nettle Solutions.

So, if managing your business processes feels like trying to bring order into chaos, please call Pulse UK on +44 203 519 2177 or SA on +27 10 500 8469 for more information or to arrange a demonstration. Alternatively, email us at