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Pulse Service for Android is here! - July 2015

Made specially for field engineers, the Pulse Service Android App lets you easily see your tickets and appointments, and keep your business updated.

You can use it on a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy, or on Android-powered phones. It scales to fit your screen size, and it stays logged in, so it is easier for to get where you want so you can get on with the job.

Field engineers regularly tell us that less is more: They want to see where they have to be, and what they have to do. Then they want to be able to update the system with the minimum of clicks and move on.

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Breaking News: Pulse Enterprise Software Gets a Face-Lift - 10 March 2015

A letter from our MD: Riaan van Rooyen


At Pulse, we pride ourselves on the stability and functionality of our software. We work hard to make it do its job, so your business can be the best. However, we know that over the past few years, its looks have let it down.

So, for the last year or so, we have been preparing a visual overhaul of Pulse, and we are really excited to say that it is nearly ready for launch. We have also taken the opportunity to tackle some ease-of-use issues, such as navigation and scrolling, which will help new users get up-to-speed much quicker.

Version 15.02 of Pulse Enterprise will be the first to sport the new look. We are sure you will like it, but like any change in software there will be some parts of it that seem strange at first. This document will take you through some of the changes, so that you can prepare your team and get the best out of Pulse.

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HRH Prince Charles visits the Pulse Business Software UK Office - November 2013

The excitement had been building for weeks and it was all very hush, hush.

Was this really the right place for this particular painting? Was this really the best place for this computer? Should we really leave the printer here? Maybe now is a good time to move desks around? We never really decided where the tea should go! A very special visitor was on his way to visit the Sherston Old School Project. The date – 25 November 2013, the special visitor? HRH Prince Charles of course!

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