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Awareness is the ability for Pulse to let you know when certain things are happening as they happen. This could be a Service Request for a key customer that is breaching a Service Level Agreement. A pre-defined ratio between indicators, such as a client’s credit limit and a transaction size, exceeding a certain boundary can trigger an alert to a decision-maker. These alerts can be communicated to the relevant decision-maker by means of e-mail, text message or pop-up alert on their computer, depending on your requirement.

Pulse Business Software helps you stay on top of ‘where’ things are happening, using its Google Earth view. This shows you all your clients’ sites and what is going on in Google Earth’s familiar and simple view. It enables you to know where your people are as well, because it knows where they last attended a service request.


Dashboards and scoreboards form the third part of the Awareness level. Dashboards are visually ergonomic metaphors such as a car speedometer for key indicators, such as sales conversion rates, or SLA commitments breached. Some of these are available right out of the box, but more importantly, the Pulse implementation team will work with your business to identify indicators relevant to you, and present them in dashboard form. Scoreboards, as their name suggests, show numbers directly. They are more appropriate than dashboards for some types of information, such as comparison of multiple teams. For example, a service scoreboard might show you the quantity of service requests in each status, with a column for each team.

Trend reporting includes the more traditional, quantity-based reports, such as Income Statements and other financial statements, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), time-based comparisons and graphs (e.g. Opportunities won per month). These are presented using scheduled or on-demand reports, and can be printed, viewed on-screen, or e-mailed.


Analysis is multi-factor comparison by means of Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables. This is a comfortable way for many financial decision-makers to work with information. Pulse enables you to tailor specific Excel Pivot tables, and provides up-to-the-minute information in the correct format.

Closing the information loop with meaningful and relevant Business Reports from Pulse Business Software puts you back in control of your business, so why not Contact Us now for a discussion of how this can work for you.