Contract management means you can keep track of your deals with your clients as well as your suppliers.

Recurrent Billing

Pulse can automatically generate invoices monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. This means you don’t need to spend time every month going through lists and making repetitive invoices.


Renewal Reminders

When a contract is nearing its end date, Pulse will remind you to engage with the customer to renew it.


Template Contract documents

Standardise your customer contracts by setting up a contract template, with all the standard terms and conditions pre-loaded.


Asset Coverage Detail

For contracts where you are supporting many assets, the detail of the supported assets is stored in Pulse.



You can make contract billing escalations easily, without having to re-calculate the amounts each time.


Contract Profitability Calculator

Detailed reporting by contract lets you compare the revenue derived from a contract with the cost incurred in supporting it.


Token-based support (Points)

Many help-desk scenarios benefit from using support tokens or points. When a customer needs work done, they consume tokens. These can be bought or otherwise topped up.