Customer First

Keep your customers informed and get more referral business...

E-mail and Text Message Updates

Keep your customers fully informed. Pulse will send an e-mail or text message when a job or service request reaches key milestones.


Branded Customer Portal

Enable your customers to open jobs directly or follow up on existing jobs with total transparency. They can also access reports on your customer web portal.


SLA Management

Effective time management every time. If your SLA (Service Level Agreement) says you will be on-site in 2 hours, for example, Pulse will show you a visual progress bar, and remind you when time is running out.


Satisfaction Surveys

Finger on the Pulse. Be the first to know if your service levels are dropping, and share service excellence. Pulse will send your customers an online survey after every service request (optional).


Scheduled Automated Reports

Total traceability. Many customers like receiving daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Pulse can send these automatically, so you are free from writing reports.


Best-Practice Business Process

Out of the box, the Pulse service work-flow is designed to ensure your customers receive the best possible experience. No need to re-invent the wheel.