Mobile Job Tracking

With or without signal, your engineers can update their jobs, get their to-do lists, and get customer signatures on any device: Android, Apple and more.

Job Quick Capture

Get a job loaded on Pulse within seconds.


E-mail -> Job

If a customer sends you an e-mail Pulse will create a job for you.


MS Outlook Calendar Integration

When you make an appointment it will synchronise with MS Exchange so that it appears on your Phone and in Outlook.


E-mail / SMS Notifications

Pulse can remind you by e-mail or text message when a job is assigned to you, or when it is getting late.


Skills / Availability Scheduling Assistant

When deciding which engineer to assign, Pulse puts skills, availability, location and work-load information at your fingertips.


Google Maps-based Routing Optimisation

Spend less time on the road. Using the power of Google Maps, Pulse calculates the best route for every engineer’s day.


Asset management

Keep track of installed assets (devices), including location, ownership, technical support details, service history etc.


Trouble-shooting Checklists

Solve problems quicker with our trouble-shooting checklists for common device faults or scenarios.



Consultant timesheets are automatically generated from work done.


Customer Signatures

No messy paperwork – simply sign on the device. Quick sign-offs. Signed-off copy in the customer’s inbox for future reference.


Mobile Photo upload

Upload photos of the job, such as data plates or happy customers.


Recurring Jobs

You can set up a repeating job for specific clients, assets, or contracts. This saves you from having to remember to log them.


Management Dashboards

Visual dashboards help you stay in control of your unique service operation.


Daily/Weekly reports in your Inbox

For a thorough insight into the detail of service requests, scheduled reports are delivered daily and weekly to your inbox.


Branded Job-Cards

Your branding is used on the job cards, Job cards can be printed or e-mailed to the customer as PDF attachments.


Engineer Workload and KPI management

Engineer utilisation reporting is made visual using heat map reporting. You can easily identify your high-flying engineers using KPI reporting.


Sub-contractor management

If you assign a job to a sub-contractor, Pulse can manage the data transfer to their system, and also track the turn-around time in respect of your SLA with your subcontractor.


Knowledge Base

Common problems can be turned into Knowledge Base articles, which can be searched for by your team or even your clients through the customer portal.


Multi-Language Support (Customer-facing interfaces)

Everybody likes speaking their home language. If you service customers in non-English-speaking regions, Pulse can let you set up e-mail notifications, surveys or reports in any language.