Stock Management

Manage equipment, consumables, assets and goods for sale

Warehouse Stock

Keep track of stock in multiple warehouses or store-rooms.


Van Stock

Keep track of spare parts, consumables or PPE in engineers van stock.


Mobile Stock Requisition

Enable engineers to request new stock from their mobile.


Purchase Order Generation

Generating a PO for spare parts is simple and quick.


Minimum Stock Levels

When minimum stock levels are reached, Pulse automatically generates a draft PO for approval, so that you never run out of stock.


Purchase Order Approval Work-flow

You can set approval limits per employee, and allow POs to be assigned from one employee to another for approval.


Stock issue to Engineers

Make sure your Engineers receive what they need to complete their jobs on the first visit, while also keeping track of who has responsibility for each spare part or stock item.


Stock return

When stock needs to be returned to the supplier, due to being incorrectly supplied, or faulty, Pulse helps you track the process every step of the way.